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what rhymes with heard?

by bezzle

today was the bludgiest day of my fortnight timetable.  history, we did more work, egad!  commerce was spent down in at the computer lab, and victor introduced me to this evil overlord list (© This Evil Overlord List is Copyright 1996-1997 by Peter Anspach. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it along or post it anywhere, provided that (1) it is not altered in any way, and (2) this copyright notice is attached)

that put him into a laughing fit when he found it during the holidays.  click it!  click it!  click it!  it’s HILARIOUS!!! also, here’s the sequel, also copyright of peter anspach (i wrote that because he said attach the copyright notice, whatever, it’s attached).

in the library, at japanese, and this senior guy starts yelling at us because sydo’s computer is making beeping noises.  couple of minutes later he comes over and asks us civilly for a pair of scissors.  me: “isn’t that the guy who just yelled at us?”

i think we’re all getting deafer as we age, and me also going a bit senile. 

at the bus stop my friends were going a bit nutty and talking about jiggling/shaking bottoms and singing badly.  then one realised that the icons on her iphone menu jiggled (which started them off again) and then when another told her she realised it meant you could move them around.  and then somebody else accidentally slapped herself on the face too hard. 

i just got deprived of my weekly dose of glee.  harumph.  ah well, might as well do something productive then…

cloud, thanks for introducing me to the arrow of time.  now i can find another way to waste my time and bandwidth.  at least it’s fun, i guess.


by cloudier

fubiz always has something interesting.

although i wouldn’t recommend subscribing; they post too often for me to keep up. (but that’s just me. there’s 46000 people out there who think otherwise.)

also, it’s a french site, so the wording might come across a little strange sometimes – it’s automatically (babelfish) translated. for example, apple’s new magic mouse is translated as ‘magic foam’.


origami tea

microsoft sustainability

Every Flavour J-Beans

by car.

so for vase’s bday (happy bday vase ^^for yesterday)  syd got her a packet of jellybeans amongst other goodies from darrell lea. so in geo, we opened it and we tried some. best geo lesson ever. half dark, coz something was on the projector, and teacher was explaining pyroclastic flows & showing us pompeii piccies that ‘vicky’ and ‘sleeve’ took. LOL

so there we were at the back, rach, vase, me and vonny z. omgosh, vase has the WORST luck EVER. out of the 6 or so she tried, she got 5 bad ones… including booger, vomit, moldy cheese, baby wipes and rotten egg? cant remember them all… first one i tried i got blueberry :] hehe, then i wanted to try a pencil shaving one, and turns out that the next one i tried WAS one… tasted woody and reeli reeli sweet. i wouldn’t have minded the toothpaste one…. yummy, i want a packet ^^

everybody kept looking at us coz we kept screaming. =P


then a reeli bludgy ag lesson, coz teacher was away for half the pd, and we thought he was on excursion…turns out he was photocopying and forgot….hehe. so we went down to the farm anyway… and me & rach did poultry, with help from bezzle and cloud, danke schon =) omgosh, poor chickens, no feed at ALL so we had to fill the feed hopper up and it was scary!! so many chickens all trying to eat and such a tiny space; cloud, ur so brave =D

and look wat lea drew for moi in com =D

carms&her prince

think it was spose’d to be alex first, hence the ballerina, princess etc…but then i sed i wanted to fly, so yay =) and a prince too ^^ love their hair so much, tytyty lea!!

praying for thunderstorm during school tomorrow ;P

and im srsly addicted to ‘give me your eyes’ by brandon heath AGAIN. wat’s with that song?! besides it being good…