back and wishing i was home

by bezzle

today was normal. 

maths, we were assaulted by long wordy questions.  i can’t read my own handwriting.  ag, we went down to the farm, and i finally got some proper sun after staying indoors for two weeks.  i think i got paler.  people still got stung by bees and we all ended up at the barbecue pit and we were playing big two.

at japanese we were at the library, and sydo, ben and me were being bored and trying to speak in accents, very fail.  last time ben got his fingers jammed between two tables (accidentally).  the website was brainless and reminded me of history all over again.  sometimes it surprises me that some of the people in the other classes were in my class.  it seems so long ago.  anyway, cloud’s teddybear was named

mr muggles. 

mr muggles mr muggle mr muggles.  we have grown very attached to him, i think. 

english last thing in afternoon, bludgy-ish as mrs b showed off her daughter’s wedding photos and the other girls went aww and the rest of us just talked. 

juggernaut; unstoppable.

end of the day i was walking with almond and i realised that the girls’ summer dress does make us look primary school-ish.  but it doesn’t look ugly or anything though.

took a bus to go shopping to buy cloud a birthday present, when i fished out my apple from the bottom of my bag is was majorly bruised and was split acrossways like it had been cut by a knife.  walked home, and there was a girl walking behind me,

i think she was singing.