fourteenth day

by bezzle

two weeks gone.

i like the number 14.  i find myself subconsciously drawing it with my finger sometimes, because there’s so many right angles?

i’m having mixed feelings about looking forward to school.  there’s an air of bludginess in term four, because all the cool excursions and stuff happens.  except for yearlies, of course.

my gosh we’re going to be year 10s next year!  then (gulp!) seniors…  hope we don’t drift away.

was very sick yesterday, stayed up watching tomorrow never dies.  i’ve watched the car park chase scene before (why is it always in a carpark?) i love the trick with the jacks, and how the rocket goes through the two holes in his car.  but his phone looks so old (i think i have a similar model at home!) and when he was steering the car i thought it looked like he was playing ds.  didn’t watch the ending though.  haha during the ad break dad told me off for using too many tissues (actually toilet paper – tougher).

today i couldn’t be bothered eating cereal so i ate a muffin and had a cup of cold milo.  i like milo but i don’t like the weird aftertaste in my mouth.

monopoly tally is 9-5, my way.

every holidays i end up in seclusion, because my best friend lives far away and i can’t visit her very often.  i’m shy, i’d rather shop by myself, and i’m terrible with public transport.  so yeah, i only have myself to blame.  but i actually do have to babysit my sister, even though she’s not a baby.

this leads me with a lot of time to ‘self reflect’.  to find child-like happiness in small pleasures in the world, like picking and eating a strawberry, or finding an egg laid by a chicken.  to be myself, without restraint.

except i can’t really even define my own personality. 


gee i’ve just spent too much time thinking, haven’t i?