thirteenth day

by bezzle

some days ago i made this recipe because i had no butter so i decided to make cheese and onion muffins but then i found one piece of mouldy cheese among the shredded stuff so then i had no cheese either, but i had already fried my onions so i found another recipe for spinach and onion muffins that did not use butter or cheese and they turned out really nice, even though they took a very long time to bake but wait there was mean to be parmesan cheese on the muffin tops but whatever.

whew.  talking without full stops is fun. 

talking of parmesan cheese, reminds me of at the sleepover when my best friend was putting parmesan cheese on her sister’s spaghetti and i say “you know parmesan cheese has the same stuff [as in a chemical] as vomit?”  and then she goes “oh yeah, it does smell like vomit…”  so now we call it vomit cheese.

i’m feeling paranoid now, because i ate heaps of these flavoured baby peanuts which came from china.  because of the contamination thing.  and how dodgy the labelling can get and all.  i’m still hungry.

got addicted to risk last night, and got busted for playing computer games by my dad.  but sometimes i think the computer’s against me.

monopoly tally is 7-5, i’m winning!  wait, why doese 7+5=12 but this the thirteenth day of the holidays???

the whole week i’ve been waiting for thursday, so i could watch glee, but now all i can think about is that i have three days of holidays left!

i hate chapter 3 science.

when i watch glee on the tv, everybody looks pink – rachel’s face and hands and finn’s face especially.  is there something wrong with my tv or are they just really embarrassed?