can you hold my tomato?

by bezzle

first of all, 

Pink Cake Box Cake

yes, see the above website for pictures of cakes that are very colourful and gravity-defying and look too good to eat.

i will remember to give you a present…

for breakfast, have been eating light ‘n tasty, which is actually tasty.  my bag of cereal has lasted surprisingly long, considering the fact i’ve eaten it everyday for breakfast, and so has my sister.  just then, though, she opened the tub of butter to put on her toast, and it there was mould in there (but not on the butter itself).  but i got scared that there would be butter pencillin spores on the butter so i chucked it away.  and so now i can’t bake anything.  another past time gone.

while i was trying to make the happy birthday message bigger, i realised our font is times new roman.  i always thought it was something else.  and i figured out how to make the font big!  headings.

last night, during an hour of tossing and turning attempting to get to sleep, i was, once again, thinking too much.  i started calculating how much time i’ve spent at school.

6 hours a day x 5 days a week x 10 weeks a term x 4 terms a year x 9.75 years

= 11700 hours

= 487.5 days straight

= 1 year 120.5 days straight

yes, it has been a short holidays.  the first days, i’m excited about free time.  now, i’ve got too much.  i’m beginning to look forward to doing maths past papers.  that’s a sign of something wrong. 

i think i need a hobby.  whenever i think about hobbies i think stampcollecting.

~edit~ monopoly tally is now 5-5