company of three, black peppermint tea


by cloudier

(i) watching kimi wa petto.

After a terrible day at work and a bad break up, Iwaya Sumire played by Koyuki returns home sad, depressed, and most of all lonely. However, at the front of the apartment she finds an unconscious young man lying in a cardboard box. Feeling sorry for him, she takes him into her home and nurses him back to health. As the young man, played by Matsumoto Jun, gets better he begins to like her place and resolves not to leave her. In fact, he even professes that he’ll do anything she wanted if she allowed him to stay. Sumire looks over at a picture of the golden retriever that she had when she was a child and jokingly says to him, “You can stay if you become my pet.”

To her surprise, he agrees. She names him Momo.

decided to watch because the manga was awesome.

ended up watching eps.1-8 from 12am-3am; managed to finish all trigonometry exercises while watching (i.e. exercise 9C Q33-50, exercise 14:09).

i don’t think the drama is anything particularly noteworthy, but it’s fun seeing manga turn into something that moves.

(ii) baked twelve blueberry friands

they’re slightly overcooked, but don’t taste/smell burnt

the recipe is from some random newspaper. the taste is so strong that it tastes better if you have a drink at the same time.

(iii) finished 1999 yearly.

although i suppose lots of people already have.

now i don’t feel like doing any work though. past two days i haven’t done any.

(iv) raining often now. i hope it stays like this for the rest of the year.

(v) pretty

shelley being pretty

(vi) found video camera, taking pictures with it.
model: fs100
“sapphire blue”

(vii) meet desk and wall.


i will crop them one day.

just not today.

and the quality is very crap, sorry. will remember to turn lamp off and use the other light next time.

(viii) currently listening to classical music.

(ix) random twitter quotes.

my sister takes a look at the smoky sky and turns to me and goes ‘have you been cooking again?

[linly – sept 19th]

(x) Tièˆsto & Sneaky Sound System – “I Will Be Here”

(xi) i’d give up all my two-week-long holidays if the weekend was one day longer.

(xii) playing brawl. its fun.

Short termbreak much.

by car.

uh huh. the title says it all. second week already, like bezzle mentioned. didn’t even feel the first week pass. >=(

alex’s bday party yesterday…uhm. her bday was a couple of weeks ago?? heh heh. singstar O_O yeah, not my thing. but it was fun =) omgosh, luv ur cozzies, mexican lea & nerdy shaz & granny-looking lj & slutty skool girls ahem i meant rach and becca & vase’s harry potter drawn-on glasses ;) *high5* to the rest of us looking normal xDDD ohhh and fairy alex.

omgosh alex’s sister is so pretty. =O and her guy friend/bf?? i dunno…he’s funny.

didnt do much else cept have dinner at friend’s house… yeah…

ohohoh, so proud of myself for finishing maths and updating half my ag book… (i was stuck in washington navel b4…) =) happy happy happy

i think this is the first termbreak that i will actually start making notes for yrlies and tests coming up o.O ahhhh, so proud.