ninth day

by bezzle

wow, one week of holidays gone!  and i need to finish my maths homework…  anyway, back to another week of babysitting my sister at home. 

hm, i still have a bruise on my forehead from when i was herding a chicken back to the coop and i banged my head on an unseen handle of the cement mixer. 

since friday night i’ve been at a sleepover at my best friend’s, was her birthday (happy fifteenth!).  played wii pretty much the whole day, and my cousin came over to visit, but she mostly played with the dog, who is so cute. 

his name is cookie, who is one of those puppies with upside down triangle ears.  so adorable, except he kept trying to get into the house.  and he likes feet, so he bit mine, and now i have a homer simpson bandaid on one foot and a bart bandaid on the other.

so we played mario kart on and on (stupid mushrooms/deep water/cows/roopas/crabs/penguins/buildings!) and the game i got her for her birthday, de blob, which was addictive.  oh yeah we also played card games like heart attack and piglet and spoons – so much tension.

when it was bedtime we started talking about people that were younger than us at our old school and we felt so old when we tried to imagine them now in year five and six.  this is our tenth year of school!  i’ve spent ten consecutive years of my life at school!! 

i think i’m having the teenage equivalent of a mid-life crisis…

i’m home now.

today dad decided he couldn’t be bothered cooking and took us to mcdonald’s at dural and went plant looking too.  i was reading good weekend while eating.  dad bought this cool-looking plant:


at maccas dad ordered a mcchicken but he got a big mac.  reminds me of the time i told dad to order a filet o fish but the person at the counter probably misheard and gave me a burger i didn’t even knew existed, the mcfeast.

this post was originally titled ‘seventh day’ but it isn’t the seventh day anymore when i post this.

okay, i haven’t got much else to say. 

a quote from thursday’s glee:

finn: “you know you can just borrow books from the library?”

~edit~ omgosh why is my tag mcdonalds automatically published as McDonalds???

~edit~ monopoly tally is now 4-4