by cloudier

(i) going through BrotherSister addiction, obsession, craving or bent again

The Wunder Tales is…You know how most albums have the really awesome songs, and then the fillers? Well this one doesn’t have any fillers…

(…although this is entirely subjective.)

You can listen to the whole album (for free) here.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted something like that up somewhere before.

(ii) lena lists lots

I don’t know how to continue or finish or make it sound as accepted, accredited, acknowledged, admissible, appropriate, authorized, canonical, certain, cogent, consistent, correct, customary, fair, innocent, just, justifiable, lawful, licit, logical, natural, normal, official, on the level, on the up and up, orthodox, probable, proper, real, reasonable, received, recognized, regular, reliable, rightful, sanctioned, sensible, sound, statutory, sure, true, typical, usual, verifiable, warranted, well-founded as it does in my brain because I forget where I’m going with my argument and what else I wanted to say

(yeah I copied and pasted that from an online thesaurus because I didn’t know what word to use there)

(quote from 1st Oct)
and it’s very fun.
the almost thing is very awesome.

(iii) Basslovers United – Double Decker (Marco van Bassken mix)

0:42 onwards makes me want to jump up and start dancing

[via chaos in technicolour]

(iv) finished bakemonogatari.

(i.e. episodes 10-12)

i like hanazawa tsubasa. she’s…endearing…

BUT. senjougahara hitagi and arararagi, i mean aragi, i mean araragi koyomi have to be together. why?

  1. they are hilarious when in close proximity
  2. they are ridiculously cute

hachikuji mayoi‘s arc, mayoi snail, is also awesome. especially when araragi blacks out mayoi.

also. blogpost on nadeko snake arc over at “pink and blue~”. lots of screenshots. (ignore the nude shots of nadeko.)

(v) watched 500 days of summer. very refreshing movie.

(i haven’t watched that many “chick flicks” though, i wouldn’t consider my opinion a very authoritative one. is authoritative even a word?)

i cried in it though. twice, although the second time shouldn’t really count; there really wasn’t anything to be sad about the second time i cried.

there was one thing that i didn’t really get; why did summer get frustrated after the movie-in-the-movie?

Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely accidental.

Especially you, Jenny Beckman.



(i quote straight from the movie)

(vi) stay for iphone/ipod touch

current highscores.

easy medium hard survival
2:45 2:46 1:42 1:10

(vii) 恋愛サーキュレーション – 4th opening theme from bakemonogatari

(viii) apologies for any inconvenience caused by the unusually high amount of youtube videos in this blogpost.

(ix) reading GE – good ending (manga).

(x) still going to align number of points to post number until number 14.

(xi) you know what i think is beautiful? numbers written in large words, like so;

ten thousand, two hundred and twenty-seven