sixth day

by bezzle

need to make a birthday card, but can’t buy one and i think printed ones look a bit tacky.  but i think they get chucked anyway.  sort of depressing, if you think about all those cards, with happy messages in them, lying among the other bits of recycling (or, if the person is lazy/not ‘eco friendly’/doesn’t own a yellow bin) or rubbish.

i’m really not in the mood for trig.  actually how can you be in a mood for trig???

books my sister has introduced me to (and i highly highly recommend):

– captain underpants ( this was only last year, heh heh)

– geronimo stilton (same)

– diary of a wimpy kid (same)

-tintin (this holidays.  funny funny funny captain haddock funny funny funny)  will definitely borrow when i get to school

if you haven’t read any or some or one of the above, go read!!!

ate a tim tam yesterday and today, at least one every day.  will definitely start the school term with an emptier pantry – mum bought packets and packets and packets of tim tams and crackers and stuff.  it was like a siege!  yeah she also bought a twelve pack of baked beans, and i see them and go ‘???’ why so many?  and mum says that we like baked beans (um, not enough to eat a twelve pack of beans in anything less than two years…).  and they were of the canned ones which require a can opener, which i cannot, for the life of me, make work.  i know it’s easy, ok? 

what makes love story so singable?  so catchy?  the lyrics? 

things that get stuck in your braces:  most things.  ok, specifically:

– multigrain bread.  which is a pity because it’s healthier than white bread and tastier, etc. etc. 

– corn kernels.  and i’m pretty sure ‘kernel capped’ teeth are not a good look.

– broccoli.  did i spell that right?  yeah, so, there is so much of those little flowery bits.

– cooked leafy greens.  like spinach.  and the ones with stringy bits that get caught between your teeth regardless of orthodontia.

– same goes for meat.

– orange pulp

– strawberry seeds

– oreos.  stain your teeth.  or is it just me?

feel free to add your suggestions.

as we were playing our daily games of monopoly (tally is now 4-1, i’m still losing), my sister raised a valid point.  there is a chance card telling the player to advance to barossa (or kings avenue, depending on your board – the most expensive property) and it says ‘collect 2M if you pass go’.  but it is impossible to pass go!