Lake Conjola camping

by car.

Past 4 days, ive been camping with family & friends down at lake conjola (past wollongong…)

we didn’t do much on the first day cept drive down there and set up our tents. yeah… oh, so there were 4 of us ‘kids’ there…me, my sis, another karen and a yr 6 guy named edwin. omgosh, that guy is HIGH 24/7. well, he laughs at basically everything and his laugh is very high-pitched and girly…

in every other aspect, he reminds me very much of bubbles… doesn’t know when a joke has gone too far, vertically challenged….(no offence guys), half annoying, and keeps digging DEEP holes – and i mean deep. he’s prob reached america and back by now ;]


so that first night at camp, we sat in his new tent (this is the first time he’s come camping with us). and we were playing cards, connecting our ds, and mucking around. i forgot how he started it, but he asked me if i have any taylor swift songs on my mp3. i was like “yeah…3” him: “do u have love story or you belong with me??” me: “yeah…” him: “OMGOSH CAN I LISTEN?! i love  you belong with me!!! i mean, i rehearse it in the car!!!”  (!!!! rehearse?!?!)

so then i got out my mp3, and him and karenH listened to it…and he began to SING. like, we were already sorta high from the whole day…he started to sing you belong with me, and then pretty soon, all four of us were screeching it at the top of our lungs ahahahahah. the parents thought we’d gone nutty.

sunday ~ went fishing….we actually caught a lot compared to other times we’ve gone….and there was this nasty looking one with a spike on top of its head O.O  as we were going out to dinner, we saw groups of people huddled around portable televisions in their tents/cabins. then we remembered the big game – storms vs eels. when we got to the restuarant where we ate awesomely delicious ‘stone grill’, we sat there and watched the whole game…dang it, eels lost =( after the game finished, the owner put on a dvd of MJ’s concert from i dunno when…the crowds were so packed that people had to be carried out above everybody’s heads if they fainted…scary.

we drove back to the campsite at night, and it was WOW PITCHBLACK. for goodness’ sake, cant they even afford to get streetlights built on the HIGHWAY!?  at least there were these reflector thingies on the sides of the road…(heh heh…total internal reflection)

then the next day, we drove thru pouring rain. literally POURING. the windscreen was set to the highest speed, and we were going really slowly, and we STILL couldn’t see anything in front of us for more than a second. thank goodness my mum’s a good driver.

we passed all sorts of cool places along the way…like the ‘Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses’   – i think that was it… and along an extremely winding Southern Hwy, the Hampden Bridge was sooooooo cool, and we passed a town called Bowral – awesome place for retirement ;] but we had to drive around mountains, so it got a bit dizzy =S


did i mention we saw heaps of kangaroos? no. well, there were heaps at our campsite, and the ground was littered with their crap. observation = kangaroo poo is similar to sheep poo, cept bigger and less clumped together.



cool signs = kangaroo, wombats, horseriding (we actually saw this)

cool street names = Grandfather’s view Rd, Blackbutt Rd, Bimbimbie Rd

so a very awesome camp =)


p.s. i forgot to mention that it was SO COLD AND SO WET. had to wear so many layers…

p.p.s. oh, and we passed these horses which looked like statues, but actually werent… they were so STONED. they blinked once every 20secs and didn’t move at all O.O

p.p.p.s. edwin didn’t know how to swing!!!! like, on those playground swings?? like omgosh, doesn’t everybody know? so we taught him that, and how to blow bubblegum