third day

by bezzle

this is really becoming more and more like a diary for me:

so.  tried to get up early this morning so i could get used to daylight saving.  didn’t work.  and i thought i could get rid of the circles under my eyes during the holidays.  *yawn*

lunch, yum, lebananese wrap with eggs, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce.  read saturday’s paper because i couldn’t be bothered reading it.  i think i’m suffering from a lack of motivation to read right now, or that might be due to the fact i have nothing good.

ate a tim tam honeycomb crunch:

really tasty, a change to the simple chocolate tim tam.  are the white ones nice?  i think i’m getting off cashews.  used to eat them by the handful, but they are woolworths brand, so it might just be the quality.  yum yum haven’t had honey roasted nuts in ages…

shared a packet of maltesers with my sister, three each.  three!!  ever since mars decided to be ‘healthy’, they halved the size of the servings/packets!  and they’re still the same price!  doesn’t anyone else think this is a rip off???  five/six maltesers in a packet?  fun size?  fun???

was playing baseball (of sorts) in the backyard with sister, an adult bat and a tennis ball.  ball sails over the fence several times.  neighbour’s house is weird, she never hears me when i knock on the door, the front door is unlocked and the doorbell doesn’t work.  the ball is still next door, as far as i know. 

came inside all discouraged, and started playing the simpsons game on ps3.  am pretty fail at gaming, especially time trial bits.  dad starts painting the dining room and my room (???) to cover the graffiti my brother has scribbled all over the house.  haha there’s a bit where he where he wrote his own name in pen on the sofa.  whole house smells.

monopoly tally: 2-1, i’m losing.