by cloudier

(i) tap tap revenge

i think stepmania/dance dance revolution is inherently a better game than tap tap revenge; tap tap revenge is made up of more luck than dance dance revolution since the ipod touch/iphone is a dodgy interface for that kind of game. nevertheless, tap tap revenge is a good game.

(ii) food

feels strange talking about food. sometimes the only reason i eat food is because otherwise i would die.

currently craving camembert cheese on water crackers.

there are so many different types of cheese it’s not funny. there’s even a game about it.

riding off a crunchy nut craving.

crunchy nut is a bad kind of cereal. theres more sugar in it than cereal. although that doesn’t change the fact that i fucking love it.

over a chocolate craving.

it’s definitely coming back in a week at most.

(iii) listening to ministry of sound’s summer sessions 2009, first CD

not going to do another tracklist thing; it’s tedious and uninteresting.

i wouldn’t listen to this CD unless i was going to sleep or something; it’s too heady and makes me stone.


  • fragma – memory
  • mighty dub katz – just another groove
  • dizzee rascal and armand van helden – bonkers
  • kid cudi – day n nite

(iv) olivia is making scones. she wants to cover them in melted chocolate.

now we’re almost out of self-raising flour, caster sugar and butter.

(v) i wish i had a camera of some sort. then i’d be able to post pictures of stuff.

[this is where my pictures would go]

(vii) i am under the constant impression that mobile phones these days are loaded with so much crap. but that’s prob because i’m in a crap plan. i can’t recieve MMSs, i can’t go on the web.

(viii) stay on the iphone/ipod touch


interface is very pretty
when you pick a option in the menu, it crosses out all the other options. at first it’s confusing, but you get used to it.
the game itself is a balance game. you have a block, known only as your ‘friend’, which you keep on the beam for as long as possible, and you keep it balanced by putting other blocks on it. the counter starts when you put the first block down. at first i felt like i was cheating when i played because i used techniques that didn’t include actually keeping the balance still, so it felt a bit weird.

(ix) dizzee rascal and armand van helden – bonkers

I wake up everyday it’s a daydream
Everythin’ in my life ain’t what it seems
I wake up just to go back to sleep
I act real shallow but I’m in too deep

And all I care about is sex and violence
A heavy bass line is my kind of silence
Everybody says that I gotta get a grip
But I let sanity give me the slip
Some people think I’m bonkers
But I just think I’m free
Man, I’m just livin’ my life
There’s nothin’ crazy about me

Some people pay for thrills
But I get mine for free
Man, I’m just livin’ my life
There’s nothin’ crazy about me

(x) trivia

song structure (popular music)