by car.

yay!!! TERMBREAK!!

i was gonna say holiday, but 2 weeks go by so fast…

so much stuff to catch up on in the hols…and need to study for yrlies == not that i ever start that till literally a week b4 the yrlies… oh, and has anybody noticed, they forgot to hand out PE assign? PHEW.

today was AWESOME. bludgy. 1st pd english played drama games, and everybody’s acting was hilarious xDD 2nd ag stood around, played cards, prodded bamboo….watched mr p’s plan fail ==’

3rd pd geo bluged in the library, *sigh* should stop gossiping…and yeah, the teacher likes our geo class more than his other one.

double com listened to the aforementioned (<— that a word??) teacher talk about um….wat was it?… employment?….i think that was it… and had vase take piccies of me… caption of piccy 1 = “i am emo” 2 = “now im not =)” 3 = “now i am” 4 = *death glare*  vase is planning to make a whole slideshow of it…aiyooooooo

german, listened to vase & rach’s speaking test… *schloss neuschwanstein* so hard to say. then played this fail game…it was good, cept that the teacher sorta got mixed up… then sang this song in our magazine AHAHAH so fast, tongue-tied. i went HIGH.

last pd english cleaned up drama room…dusty, musty…stinky…dusty. and bludgy. =)

overall, a very good day to end on =) YAY HOLIDAYS TERMBREAK!!!


gl to all the duke of ed. ppls, think of me in ur suffering moments of back pains, sore legs and aching thighs…think of me sitting in the car, drinking cold sprite, eating chips….and camping at a place with toilets & showers =P

ahahaha, jokes xDDD

and hope you’ll be fine squid (on two different topics…) ;]