holiday fever

by bezzle

today was a very drowsy day, it felt like it went on and on… 

heaps of people got busted at assembly because they weren’t wearing blazers.  whatever.  and as if we’re always that well dressed, with blazers on, shirts tucked in.  my back felt like it was on fire.

another focus group today – science this time.  thought i was running late and walked into the conference room and saw that it had already started!  and then the teacher in charge starts mouthing ‘five minutes’ to me, and slow person that i am, takes about half a minute to process it.  oh

my focus group hadn’t even started yet. 

later on came back to maths class to do sin and cos curves – fun fun fun!  history was spent in the computer lab researching about world war one dudes (and one dudette).  

there has always been a public toilet block at my bus stop but i have never needed to use it.  however, my friend needed to go and she has (well-justified) public-toilet-phobia, so i went too.  it was actually not that bad (it had toilet seats!) but the light was broken.

i am unfortunately getting freckles on one side of my face because i always walk home on the same street when the sun is always shining very strongly (why don’t the trees do anything???) on the one side of my face (!!!).  so when i am older i will have one very wrinkly and moley side of my face compared to a less wrinkly and moley half…

watched my first episode of glee today!  it didn’t feel like one hour.

gawsh it feels like a gabillion years till the holidays…


yes yes read the rant almond put on the blog – that is basically what we cop in every science lesson.

in the two periods of english we had maths teachers as subs.  worryingly, the comprehension questions our teacher left were written without question marks.  haha albert, victor and richard got busted for adding titles like Phd and VIP to their names on the roll sheet!

at softball we played against cumbo and the other team was quite interesting.  there were several blondes in their team and when it was their turn to bat one of them remarked: “why does she [the teacher] only tell the blondes how to bat?”   and no the teacher was not blonde.

we won!

wednesday afternoons are pretty boring for me because everybody just talks in groups and most of the time they aren’t even talking.  so when i try to initiate conversation everyone else just stares away into the distance.  and that makes me feel uncomfortable, shy and a little unwanted.  because no one wants to be lonely.


apple crumble or apple pie?