by car.

this is going to be a relatively short post. i just wanted to quote something.


we were given back our tests in science (after a day, whoah fast marking). yesterday, the periods were shortened, so the teacher cut out some questions so that we had less to do. so today, when we got the tests back, he told us that some of us did those questions even tho he told us not to…yes, i spose some of us didn’t listen, but we were doing test??

ok, i quote “there’s obviously something wrong with you all and your learning.” and he went on to say that we didnt do as we were told, that we were rude, that we only memorise everything without reading it properly, that it was poor exam techniques.  again, with the stereotyping. i personally call that verbal abuse. it was much worse during the actual lesson; here i just summarised. why is it that some people always think it’s others doing wrong and never themselves?


and somebody made fun of my name again >=(


otherwise, it was an alright day… yay, me and vonny did lotsa newspaper puzzles after circus sport =) hula-hooping around your legs is fun!! cept it hurts…my body hurts…==’