so much to say.

by bezzle

in a very good mood today!!

hiphop was last today, and we had only just finished choreographing!  however we got many compliments while practising – thank you guys =)  yay it’s over over over!  everyone’s dances were very good. 

had to get up early to bake a slice for a competition and do my maths homework this morning.  heehee i was late to class so the people in my dance group thought i was away and freaked out.  it’s all good, guys.

three days of school left!  three!  one, two, three!  nothing much is going to happen in the holidays for me though…

was walking towards the bus stop and two year eleven dudes (from our school, might i add!) were behind me, and here is there conversation (i can’t remember it all, ‘blah blah’ means some other talk) :

dude 1: … blah blah… as you like it…  blah blah…

dude 2: as you like it… what’s as you like it?

dude 1: it’s shakespeare

yes i realise i need a good pair of casual shoes – i’m a terrible shopper.  well, you know how everybody wears converses?  i like the adidas superstars better (not that i’ve ever worn them) because they look cooler.  but converse have lots of colours and designs.  still, check these out


i found this written on a tag in one of my t-shirts:


in case you can’t read it, it says: ‘strawberry is the best icecream flavour’.  that’s propaganda, i reckon.  any ice cream flavour is the best.  so long as it’s icecream.


dad woke me up two minutes before my alarm clock.  my porridge was stone cold so i heated it up.  it was boiling hot.  as i put the empty bowl into the sink i zapped the sink/the sink zapped me.

had a katakana test first thing in the morning, and found out that i was going to some sort of focus group to discuss PDHPE in period six later that day.  so i freak out.  year twelve graduation assembly was on – it was very poorly organised, i think i’m also going deaf/the microphones were stuffed up.

focus group wasn’t too bad, although the principal mixed up all the girls’ names and my voice sounded like i was about to cry and/or there was something in my throat.

later on went to best friend’s house to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  came home at ten thirty.  so tired…

on sunday we went to matthew’s house to practise and choreograph (!) our hiphop routine.  i caught the train at epping and managed to look very stupid.  was later sitting the carriage with carmen and ben, and thought: “this is so surreal.  it’s like a dream.  i’m stuck with carmen and ben in a train after waking up early and feeling half asleep.”

got out at burwood and went into hungry jack’s so matt could pick us up.  carmen and i watched ben eat for half an hour.  i slept with my eyes open

managed to get work done after matt showed off and ben and geoffrey shot at each other playing resistance on ps3.  later on it was lunch, matt’s brother richard bought us pizza and people started playing heavenly sword.

we almost finished that day!  matt’s mum took us to the station and we all talked in cantonese but ben couldn’t understand so he got annoyed.  also, in shanghainese public transport sounds a bit like public toilet

went back home on the train the same way.