don’t blame it on the sunshine

by bezzle

end of the week, ahhh….

thursday was the accidental death of an anarchist which was sublime.  enough said.

today started on a fail note and then it was awesome!  was attempting to practise hiphop in morning but dudes kept on arguing and everyone was too shy (me!) so got nothing done.  then sharon told us that kiran said mrs m gave us another lesson!!  so happy because we hadn’t even finshed choreographing (yeah i know that is serious procrastinating).

commerce we just looked up pictures of cool stuff because we had to make an ad.  i like those novelty usbs: see


for 2GB it’s USD$125.  but it looks very cool, aye?

but i think the food ones look cute/funny:


it stores 8GB for USD$21!  i would totally buy it!

but the original one i was thinking of was this one:


instead of double history after lunch we were attending the launch of ‘shades4aids‘, a charity where people wear sunnies to raise money which helps HIV positive and negative children in cambodia.  sat next to yvonne and i got my photo taken, grr.  right when i happened to be looking at the guy’s camera.  practically no one asks questions when asked.

learnt what the six step was off chi wai – that guy’s dancing is sooo awesome (i think i’m beginning to run out of adjectives).

came home after waiting for the bus and playing cat’s cradle at the bus stop (and on the bus) with ben, geoffrey and bryan.  reminds me of the simple old days of primary school…

was in the backyard folding the clothes and i had let the chickens out of the coop.  they had got into the strawberries and i shooed them out and one did a poop and i forgot for half a second – turned around and thought  “uh-oh, did i step on the poo?” couldn’t find and then looked under my shoe. 

but that wasn’t the only incident today involving bird poo.  was folding pillow cases and found a crusty bird poo on my pillow case.

reading: gossip girl