Judgement Day

by car.

somebody called our home phone at 7:20am this morning, so i woke up then…and i looked at the curtains, thinking “wow, orange much. WHOAH ORANGE!!!” then i thought “bushfires. yeah.”

then i went to brush my teeth…when it suddenly came to me – JUDGEMENT DAY. or the day when Jesus comes and the old Earth is destroyed…that day. then i started having Christian-y thoughts in my head….but after a minute, with my toothbrush poised in the air, i decided that if it WAS (wow it came early…) then maybe i wouldn’t be here brushing my teeth right now.


so went to school, and found out that apparently we’re allowed to stay home today ==’ AIYA. 5 minutes b4 roll call, everybody started calling their parents, and thinking of jigging….*ahem cloud* haha  me and alex were thinking of crashing shaz’s place…but we eventually stayed at skool and prayed that the science test would be postponed. YAY it was.

everyone started ‘coughing’ like crazy when mr k came…he was wearing one of those charcoal masks, yeah? so we went in…like every other teacher, he sed “to stay indoors as much as possible and have something wet cover your mouth/nose if you can”. also “the dust is very fine, so if you wet your finger and wipe it on a surface, then you will see the dust”. kiran: “does that mean if i wet my finger and wipe it on your head, ill get dust??” LMAO!!

so after science, everybody in our class covered their faces with their jacket sleeves, or with tissue, or a towel… oh and there was this BIG huntsman spider in T2.1


because sport was cancelled, we obviously had to go to lessons. PE movie was….odd. it was about pressures in teenagers. there were different stories about teenagers who experienced different types of pressures…and they filmed it themselves, i think. coz halfway thru this guy’s one, he suddenly went “hey look, there’s a cat!” and he turns the camera to his backyard, and we see a black cat slinking across the yard ==’

there was another girl, 14 years old, who went to a party with her friends, then came home and cried? i think so… all because she ONLY kissed 2 guys. i could say more…but lets not go into too much detail ;P and for those of u who understands this next bit,  ’tissue’ snored thru the entire video.