Most Boring Assembly

by car.

and the award goes to …. “Awards Day 09”
im happy for all those people getting awards, and having acheived something, but why make the rest of us sit there for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. and those chairs aint exactly comfy either. stuffy. thank goodness i sat down the back near the doors. lucky S&L ppls.

and *newsflash* there’s a bit more to life than academics…you should REELI hear some of those speeches today  “we got this award and got that medal and came first here, second there…” aiyooooooo if you’re planning to make a speech or perform to a school full of tired, bored and slightly aggravated kids, dont make it LONG and DRONING. its a reeli helpful tip.




but shortened lessons are good. oh, and if you ever plan on going to the Oktoberfest, make sure ur interested in beer, partying, and you’re not bringing any kids with you. srsly. oh, and the Rudest Commentator award goes to that american lady who was showing us the oktoberfest in that video. gee. there’s one thats not formal, bezzle.


~ hiphop ~ glad we did something today =)