now i see why people use numbers

by bezzle

i have a love-hate relationship with school – like coming back to see friends and have something to do, but so busy!!!

dad woke me up at 7:29 this morning.  and guess when my alarm goes off.  yep, 7:30.  i always get out of bed the same side, is it just me?  obviously the people with their beds against a wall have no other way…

maths test today, am not going to say anything – might jinx it.   double ag in the morning usually gets nothing much done, bees were so aggro today.  well, more aggro than usual.  so many puns that are so bad i cannot mention.   got dirt on my blazer (!) and people gorged on the mulberries.  in japanese me and cloudier hardcored through the extra extra worksheet and ben jee drew on my book (!!).

science was fail because half the time i had no idea what was going on, but it was amusing nonetheless.  every time i looked away, the lever would fall.  i wonder when victor will give up the thing about being ‘hot/sexy/handsome/good looking’… how long has it been?

newsreaders are sneaky.  i’m listening to the radio as i type this (yes i do like the radio yay hamish and andy) and quote: “… there is no suggestion so-and-so started the fight…”  after reporting the person was arrested and bashed up.

omg moment (also known as ‘epiphanies’):

spring roll is a direct translation of the word in chinese!  which one came first, the chinese word?

rereading post: i have been in the same class with most of my current classmates for three years in a row!  and some for five years in a row!!

listening to: silly boy by eva simons, fire burning by sean kingston, evacuate the dance floor by cascada

sooo catchy!!!

oreo cookies or oreo wafersticks? (one on my desk next to computer, drool drool)