by bezzle

new ferrero chocolate out – it’s called ferrero rondnoir.

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got a free sample from the smh last week, have yet to try it though.  reviews read say it’s really good – it’s dark!

school today was blah as usual.  a two period long assembly were there were all these videos – no principal’s address!  in PE we had to ‘rehearse’ our dances and i was less painful than i imagined, i reckon because everyone thinked they sucked – but everyone was so good.  stayed back at school to try and finish add to our dance.  ended up doing nothing productive whatsoever.


when i was looking for pictures of rondnoir, i found out that tic tacs are owned by ferrero!  i haven’t owned a packet of tic tacs in ages.  quote from a coaching teacher: “tic tacs are my tactics.”  har-de-har.

i feel like talking about lollies, mainly because i don’t eat much of a variety of them, only ferrero rochers because a family friend gives us one of those large boxes every time we see her, so have to eat through them.  not that i’m complaining, of course.  so indulge me.  (and possibly yourself.)


love nerds, always will.  i love sour lollies, like those baby bottles with sherbert in them.  love sherbet.  except mum didn’t like me eating it because most of it ended up on my shirt.

starburst lollies are a teenage favourite.  show a bag of starbursts and everyone will flock to get some off you.  but they are good.  absolutely dislike gummy lollies that get un-gummy.

time to insert a poll…

on a worrying note about the five gum epidemic (which appears to be dying down), eating too much gum has a laxative effect.  for those who have not been through the many PE videos about eating disorders, laxatives quicken your digestive system.  i.e. you get diarrhoea.  although i think you would have to eat one/two packets a day to reach that effect, like a friend -who-will-remain-unnamed of mine used to do.