by cloudier


I have finished Flood-it (free from app store) in 16 steps (small map). Probably not a world record, but it’s an achievement (for me)!~

If you don’t know what Flood-it is, you either (a) don’t have any access to an iPod touch or and iPhone or (b) you do have one, but haven’t downloaded the app. In which case you will immediately search it up and download it.

(ii) homework status.

managed to hardcore through maths this week; finally caught up to the rest of the class

lots of assignments which I’ll leave until the last minute to do – a 500 word research task on the development of feminism and suffragist movements in australia (history), a 2000 word, choose-your-own-topic assignment (agriculture) and a VA assignment whose due date i don’t actually know.

i want to drop coaching: i understand the stuff i’m taught more at school. it’s ridiculous.


shit i’m bored. stoned through history, va, ag, double jap and double science. at least there was little homework.

va was very awesome. (notice how va stands for very awesome.)

lena brought a cd for hiphop i think and the was very soft when she played it on the radio. she said it was because the cd-reading thing was broken.

linda wong’s bottle was leaking and there was a very big puddle of water.

stabbed sun’s clay head.

shelley tried making hair today. at the moment it looks like a hair-shaped hat.

hmm. can’t remember anything else that happened.

during ag, mr pronger was away so we had mr alder. took notes on castration and dehorning. almost fell asleep.

listened to kerry and beatrice bitch and stone while stoning on 775. they talked alot about birthday parties, especially abbirami’s.

still listening to radiohead.

(iv) reading:

  1. The Bottom Line #1 – the blogodemic – May Contain Bolts (blog)
    an investigation into the current blogging environment of the current yr 12’s. respect, man.
  1. iDIY – blog – lots links to templates and tutorials for doing useless stuff. good if you’re bored and have the determination to do something.

(v) sorry if this was boring, i really don’t have the will to find anything interesting to talk about.

here are some pretty portraits I might use for the VA assignment.


Audrey Hepburn

Isn’t she pretty? I saw this poll – Audrey Hepburn vs. Marilyn Manson Monroe, and I think Marilyn Monroe does not compare to Audrey Hepburn.

Der Mann mit dem Goldhelm

Der Mann mit dem Goldhelm

Originally attributed to Rembrandt; has since been identified as another artist’s work. (Wikipedia)