blackouts and pinkness

by bezzle

had a blackout – was on the computer, listening to radio, then click!  thought dad blew a fuse, but nope, whole street was black.

yayyay candles!  that’s the best bit, except i got wax all over  the floor – shh!  then dad got out his super dooper pooper scooper extra -strong light and it was like it was afternoon. 

today was the bludgiest day ever.  had a sub for science, and we took the dudes’ table and ben and geoffrey (among others) did the very old name switcheroo because we had a sub.  i tried on geoffrey/ben’s glasses (they only have one ear hanger so it was very lopsided ) and the light coloured writing on the board became very clear with them on – uh oh!  the stupid light would not stop flashing (!).  i always end up sitting underneath one of those, grr.

everything was funny – almond told some very funny stories and stuff – and i went pink.  no not embarrassed pink – laughing/raging pink.  you can feel pink.  my face and ears go on fire. 

went home feeling happy.  (but not pink.)