Primary School Hall Hullabaloo

by car.

So I wii-ed most of the day… BUT then i went back to my primary school ^^


Okok, so we walked around and was bored after only 20 min. NOOOOOOO, where was that really cool milo stand that always came to past fetes?! and the whole point of this ‘party’ was to celebrate the new hall…it was tiny. srsly. and half the bball court got cut off. wat’s the point?! but it made the whole school look more modern…AND I CLAIM THAT GREEN POLE!!! *inside joke* yah yah


so we walked around the block and sat down… then walked around…stood there… walked some more. so awkward… coz SOMEBODY wanted to say hi to the guys. and didnt. and there were actually a lot of people from our grade today =) YAY u ppls are AWESUM ^^


they painted everything to match the hall theme…which was a light green colour…pretty tranquil. gee, my friend dragged us all into the toilets to see if it was any different ==’ turns out they painted the doors in there too… used to be colourful, now it’s green and red… it was alright. ok, moving on. that giant slide they hired was a FAIL. ppls had to use their hands and slide themselves down. rip-off.


oh, and u know how i love to lie about and do nothing?? i got time to do that today ^^ the grass on the oval is so much nicer than my current skool one – soft and NON-CLUMPY. (or non-pimply, as bezzle likes to say ;])


cant wait to see u all in the hols ^^


(p.s. ive put the piccy of the whiteboard in Laughter, Freedom and Reality)