rainy days

by bezzle

it was lovely-ly wet today. 

and we had ag on the farm in the rain.  but then we got too wet, so mr p started a fire and everyone became pyromaniacs.  and we started playing big two.

and ben made a butt wiper/toilet poker thing.  haha, you know those things people used after going to the toilet in medieval times, the stick with some paper/rags/whatever wrapped on the end?  yeah.  haha, almond, you’re a genius!

and he also chucked mr p a yellow m’n’m but it fell on the ground.  but mr p just picked it up, blew on it and ate it.  take that, bacteria!

and my hair went weird because the water made my fringe clump in long strands up to my cheekbones.  so blair, on the bus with me, said i looked like something or other from grudge, with i think is some sort of horror movie.  so walked in the rain to get home and looked at myself in the mirror.  not good.

i have a theory: the better the weather, the less people at a bus stop.  because the only shelter is the bus shelter, so everybody crowds into it – at least that’s what someone said.  it makes sense, but there seem stills to be more people altogether.

i love rainy days. 

and windy days.