waffle, rambling, baloney, etc.

by bezzle

seen on a packet of peanuts: ‘may contain peanuts’.  well duh.

was absolutely excruciating waiting for my VERY VERY slow internet to load.  arghh!!  especially because i had to fill in the last book for the premier’s reading challenge.  which no one our age or just below seem to do anyway.  but every week in the newspapers there’s always pictures of smiling kids with stacks of books around them.

i have no idea what it’s like at other high schools, but our’s values senior priority very much.  tried to use the drama room for hiphop, and ended up sharing after kicking year 12s out.  cue dirty looks.  and it wasn’t like we managed to do much. 

someone should do a comprehensive study on high school students.  they’re like a metaphor for society in general. 

oops, been doing too much deep thinking today. 

right now, reading jodi picoult books.  she’s a great author and soooo deep.  everyone knows her now, because my sister’s keeper is now a movie.  [is it still showing?]  tv?  watching this hong kong show about snooker.  yes, snooker.  quite brainless, but entertaining stuff.  tv does that to most people’s tastes.

which led me to pool.  i used to play pool, and now i can’t remember how.  something about don’t hit the black 8 ball unless it’s last.

my favourite thing right now is PVA glue.  that stuff is awesome.  or maybe superglue.

reminder: need to fix broken compass.  find superglue!