by car.

School was chaotic. Found out in the morning we had a geo test ==’ Then in com, the teacher had a pile of neat, stapled papers, and everyone panicked.

“sir, you sed the com test was on friday!!!”

“we didn’t study!!”

“see, i told u it was today, ppls!”

“oh nononono!! ARGH!!!”


then the teacher just smiled and told us to take out a pen, and started putting the paper face down in front of us. when he got through about half the class, somebody shouted “HEY IT’S A WORKSHEET!!!”


==’ he fully enjoyed that.


Right, predictions. Uh huh. What’s wif everyone and predicting things?? So I was sitting in maths, bored to death and buried under tons of maths sheets that we had to do. Becca was bludging and chatting like always, and then alex says to me “omgosh, im gonna have a nosebleed!! i can feel it…now my nose is blocked and i cant breathe!!…” 2 minutes later “ARGH!!  im gonna have a nosebleed. is my nose bleeding yet?? i cant breathe.” repeats monologue till end of period.


then english. ben predicts a WHOLE lot of random stuff. well, not completely random. he was predicting future relationships. it was quite amusing actually. now i can say i know cloudier when she gets rich ;]


deutsch double. one pd spent on listening tests…!! and another marking. DUDEE. mitdemFlugzeugmitdemStrassenbahnohwaitimeantmitderStrassenbahn



catchy & very awesome song: How Much by Mandisa

“Take the depths of the deepest ocean and go deeper
  Take the top of the tallest tower and go higher
  Take the best day that you’ve ever had
  Try to imagine better than that…”