by cloudier

(i) sushi clock

Sushi Clock

"It's twenty past egg."

(ii) framed clock

ink flourish clock

ink flourish clock

(iii) more clocks

mystic wall clock

corona wall clock, mystic wall clock, grandfather clock

(iv) sexy concept phone

Nokia Aeon - concept phone

Nokia Aeon - concept phone

(v) clocks. so much room for innovation. i like the qclocktwo (see previous post) alot more than these ones, because you don’t have to think to read the qclocktwo.

(vi) phones.

  1. touch phones are very sexy in general, although some of them are quite bulky.
  2. flip phone are also very attractive, but the flipping is inconvenient.
  3. candybar phone are in general, comparatively ugly. i’m not saying that candybar phones are ugly, its just that when you put a E51 next to, say, an iphone, the more attractive one would definitely be the iphone.
  4. swivel phones are very skinny.

(vii) listening to:

  1. circle – vision creation newsun – ボアダムス (boredoms, V∞redoms)
  2. in rainbows – radiohead