by cloudier

(i) church service was horrible. Walker raged at us for no particular reason, although she let us borrow books thank god. borrowed air gear 5 (which I had read before) and the tale of murasaki (because the cover was pretty and because I thought I would finish air gear before the end of the period). felt extremely bored throughout and after the service. didn’t start murasaki.

(ii) the (sydney) magazine has a nice bunch of articles this month, i.e. (a) Star City renovations, (b) article on growing up/living in certain areas of Sydney – divided into nice, not-too-long one-page sections and (c) the DarkSide, about one of the Archibald Prize winners. I like Del Kathryn Barton’s work, its colourful and pretty but creepy. plus the ads are really nice on the eyes~

(iii) reading: ane doki (manga), kurohime (manga), geeky stuff (blog)

(iv) qclocktwo

Wall Clock That Hates Numbers