meditation and buses and weetbix

by bezzle

why does google toolbar say my homepage is in indonesian???

church service today, went to buddhist scripture.  heard a sound recording of a monk in perth, and was talking about acceptance and stuff.  meditation makes me feel sleepy.  makes me think about those monks in japan who meditate for seven hours a day and get hit on the head at regular intervals to make sure they aren’t asleep.

on the bus ride home, need food.  do they still make those buses with the backward seats?  i like those buses, even though they’re old.  and i think you can change which way they’re facing on a train.

i was discussing tv ads with my friend on the bus – she says her favourite is the cadbury one with the girl and boy with wacky eyebrows.  my fave is the weet bix one, i think it has harry kewell oops i mean tim cahill in it, and the opera singing opposing team of soccer players.  it’s hilarious!  HAHA “what thing?”