awesOme –> crAp

by car.

awesome: CHURCH SERVICE!!! yay!!

finished 25mins early and so got an extra long recess =) went totally high during that time

*shine ur light and, let the whole world SEEEEE*

then the day got progressively worse…

crap: DOUBLE COM. man. SOOO BORED. and the teacher was rambling on and on and on… and then we got our tests back. the class went crazy trying to scab marks. and we got so noisy that yeo decided to give us another 2 tests and another assign, even though we currently have one ==’

only funny thing that happened was when richard k stuck annie’s “tofu” on the other side of the window, dangling it above 2 storeys. and closed the window. thank goodness the suction cap thing held XDDD

and happy bday annie =)


but crappest: got insulted during lunch.

me, bezzle and ben were talking outside the library…bout ben’s… lack of height (no offence ben ;]) and he was saying how he was disproportional…

then guess who comes up the stairs?? first thing she says

Linda: “oh carmen, ur face is disproportional”

me *recoils from shock*

bezzle: “linda, isnt that a bit mean?!”

Linda: “no.”


WTH?! gee thx a lot. its a wonderful feeling having somebody call ur face disproportional. FAR OUT. that was totally uncalled for. a couple of weeks ago, she made fun of my name THREE times.

another time, she was singing ‘ur beautiful’ and then she turned to alex and sed “oh no alex, i didn’t mean u.” and to becca something else which im not at liberty to say. but it was very personal. and rude.


just plain rude.