by cloudier

(1) went to school. missed out on maths and science (yay) and most of english because of Biology NQE.

(2) NQE was weird. questions were very vague, ended up skipping almost half the paper, almost fell asleep during the test too.

(3) had a cup of instant noodles during self-supervised break.

(4) english was normal. wrote poems, analysed poems etc. kiran asked matthew for his pencilcase very loudly.

(5) lunch. had hot chocolate which was smuggled onto sports bus.

(6) bus trip. stoned/slept. annie was very nervous.

(7) played big2 during first touch 15s B finals.

(8) oztag game near touchB game. very pro team vs. baulko; v. pro team looked v. pro, lots and lots of ball movement, techniques and passing.

(9) second touch game. watched. coach was definitely biased, had a pink shirt. other team replaced touchB team with touchA team members. lots of raging/bitching.

(10) bus trip. everyone bought fruit yoghurt from baulko canteen/cafeteria, max had a sweaty hand.

(11) arrival. vaish is borrowing field pack for long duke of edinburgh hike.

(12) 3:05. andrew chen borrows school basketball and $2.

(13) played big2 against kiran on 3:24 Lindfield train. lost often.

(14) home. kiri is cute.

(*) reading: hadashi de bara wo fume (manga), livingstone (manga), we’re never silly (blog), steamers; where lemurs live (blog), distillate (blog), sub-studio design blog (blog).

(*) listening: upon beauty rests – lines full of lies and a thousand roses, fedadenverdad.

(*) wtr – what the, random