RY Kindy Tour

by car.

missed out on first 3 periods and a very long assembly to show kindies around the farm. very cutee kindies =)


so they poked bread at the chickens, grabbed handfuls after handfuls of flowers/weeds, picked barely-ripe oranges, and asked why the sheep had blue butts (um, they’re mummies and the lambs are her kids…see them??)…


and we had a horse for the yr 12 to study…

can we feed him grass? (uh, i think there’s plenty in their field, sweetie)

can we touch him? (not a good idea…)

what’s his name?? (it’s a he?! ok…and no idea…)

LET’S CALL HIM PATRICK!!! (oh k…say hi to Patrick then…==’)



hehee, they were so adorable…then we walked up to the cottage, pass the dam, where we all attempted the moonwalk ;] , back down the lane while dodging poo… mrs roberts was feeding the horse.


OOOH!!! PATWEEEECK!!! (…uh oh…let’s hope patrick’s an alright name…)

mrs r: no, this is a girl horse, so patricia! well, actually she’s abby/abbey…



well, it was heaps fun ;]